Web Developer & Communicator

I believe that everyone has a story worth sharing and I have the tools to help!

I am a Full Stack Web Developer and I am passionate about people! I love being on a team and am inspired by the work and stories of others. Before my switch to development I managed a team of 6 people making the best coffee on the planet! As I made the transition out i began researching a career in IT and was drawn to the logic and problem solving aspects of web development. I've always been interested in IT and I finally got the opportunity when I left the work force to have my first child. Since then I've fallen in love with the coding world and I am always on the lookout to grow my skills! When I'm not coding I enjoy being outside, book club with my friends, and adventuring with my family!


Following some research and conversations, I discovered the developer career track & became very interested. I quit my job to invest 4 months of my life into nothing but coding, problem solving, and code review with a group of hard-working developers at Centriq training. I'm currently working on implementing and growing these skills through developing projects while looking for a company that will allow me to put my development, teamwork, and problem solving skills to work and grow as a developer.


T Jensen

Ceo & Founder of Hi Hat Coffee

Amanda is a kind, joyous, and happy person, generous with her time and consistent and caring in everything she does. When she worked for me, she lot up the business with her smile every single day!!!!

Havilah Guenther


Amanda is someone who will go to great lengths to master a skill, and I have never known her to cut corners. She is methodical, inquisitive, task-oriented, and driven. I could not be more pleased with Amanda’s decision to pursue a career in web development. It is my opinion that her natural skillset, intuition and drive make her an excellent candidate for any job in this field.

Jessica Sturgess


She provided us with child care for our 11 month old daughter and from day one was a caring, committed, reliable part of our family. Amanda has a strong work ethic and connects with people easily, all of these qualities will allow her to excel in the next stage of her career.

Jorge Pietrogiovanna


Amanda is extremely hard working and a fast learner. Amanda worked in an agile work setting accomplishing 3 sprints of jammed packed design work and problem solving. I can’t wait to see where she lands after her full stack course at Centriq, she will be an irreplaceable asset to them.

Jessie Lux

Assistant Manager

Amanda is invaluable as a leader. She is someone who doesn't just delegate well but leads through hard work and creative problem solving. Her love for people is etched into everything she does.